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The 4 Keys To Growth


Design Library Marketing offers online and offline marketing for the Australian interior design and home improvement industry. Our aim is to present the industry in the best possible way connecting to our customers.


Design Library Marketing’s mission is to change the way the Australian Interior Design & Home Improvement Industry delivers and receives its information.

We believe you only have seconds to capture our customer’s attention online. Our customers live fast-paced lives with many distractions. They’re looking online 24/7 to solve their problems and indulge in their visual creativity. They need your information and it needs to look fantastic, be accurate and be fast. If you don’t do this, your competitor will.


Liane CooperI’m Liane Cooper, I’m an interior design and renovator for more than 25 years. My early experience was in commercial interior design designing and managing corporate office fit outs.

Once married, I took on with my husband 7 personal renovations many with young children under foot. As my children grew up and the internet took hold my online web development skills grew and I created The Design Library an Australian interior design information website. My website was shortlisted in the top 5 Australian Interiors bloggers by the international Amara Interior Awards and named “at the cutting edge of design” by Wall Art Prints in The 20 Best Interior Design Blogs In Australia. Check out more of our links on my media and press page.

My web development work continued and I completed many clients websites either starting from scratch or revamping existing sites to meet market expectations. Technology was growing fast and social media started to boom so it was a natural progression to incorporate the two together. My skills were growing as each new area advanced upon the business world.

When my children went to school, I studied an Advanced Diploma of Marketing building on my skills to understand the customer and specialising in the interior design and home improvement industry and how it intersects with the online world.

As a designer, a renovator, a home owner, a mother, a web developer and a marketer I feel I sit in a unique position to understand the decorating and renovating customer, their needs, wants and desires. As a business owner, I understand the needs of companies to build their business and grow sales.

I feel companies in the interiors and home improvement industry need to –

  • Get real online with a great website and grow their list
  • Understand their customers and answer their problems
  • Represent themselves online in a fabulous and time efficient way
  • Don’t waste time, act now.

Liane Cooper.

Your website is your 24 / 7 sales person and it needs to work hard, generate leads and attract the right customers that convert to sales.


Building a business needs many touch points from your customer. You need to build your authority and position your business as the solution to their questions.

If you’re asking yourself any of the following –

  • How do I reach my potential customer?
  • How do I turn my social media customers into paying customers?
  • How can I streamline my social media scheduling to one afternoon a month and save time?
  • Do I really need to be on social media?
  • What are the most important areas of my website I should address?
  • How do I stand out from my competitors?
  • Does my website need to be revamped?
  • Where is the best place to put my efforts and money in marketing to get it to convert sales?

Then as an industry and marketing specialist, we can help you contact us.


We believe that looking good online is what will capture your customers. You need to represent your business online in the best light. We understand you’re busy and we know the internet is ever-changing. Keeping up with all these changes and running a successful business takes time and effort. We want you to make the most of your time and efforts online so your website and online presence is working for you.

Your website is your 24 / 7 sales person and it needs to work hard, generate leads and attract the right customers that convert to sales. Your website can’t be out of date and has to meet your visitors expectations. Good design, clean navigation, target market specific content, mobile friendly and uncomplicated layouts are what drives your customers to communicate with you. These are the websites we build. Ask us how.

DLMarketing Computer screen

We follow a process of assessing your current situation and clearly identifying your target markets needs and expectations. Once addressed we can create a website that captures your markets attention within seconds. Our websites are built for ease of use and ease of change by you, the business owner. We make sure you create the right content for your customers to read and provide quality images to further enhance your visitors opinions of you. If social media is a part of your plan we can instruct and direct you to the best and suitable platforms for your business to capture your market. A big part of knowing how well you are doing is to evaluate. We use various tool to evaluate your results to implement ways to improve it.

Your website should be a continual project of change. Google is looking for information to show in its search results and we want your website to feature at the top of their results. We can explain how this is done and show you how to achieve it. Ask us how.

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